The Standard


Overall aspect


It is in general higher than wider and longer than stocky. The proportion between the length of the forehead and the skull is 1:1. The skin shows no wrinkles on the forehead.

Skull zone 

Skull : Seen from the front and in profile, the skull is moderately curved, powerful to correspond to the trunk and the members, but not heavy.  The part at the back is not sensibly larger than at eye level.

Stop : very visible, but moderately marked.

Facial zone 


Nose : always black.

Muzzle : rather long, never to a point; forehead of equal width, never concave, more with a light curve (hooked nose)

Lips : Well applied, black.


Eyes : From light brown to very dark brown, middle sized, oval, not deep-set norbulging,nor too close nor too widely spaced. The eyelids marry the shape of the occular globe.    No  visible conjunctivity. The white of the eye (visible part of the sclerotic) is notred      


Ears : Highly attached and not too far to the back, falling, of medium size, fleshy and well   attached to the cheek.     




Strong jaws with a perfect regular and complete scissors coupling, this means that the  posterior face of the upper incisives is in narrow contact with the anterior face of the        inferior incisives, the teeth being implanted in square in relation to the jaws; 42 healthy teeth conform to the teeth formula (the absence of the M3 is allowed).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

A clip articulate is allowed; no withdrawal of the jaw at canine level.                                                  
Jaws : Are not much developed.                                                                                                                                                            
Neck : Slightly curved, melting into the wither, is more long than short; skin without exaggerated laxity nor lappet.      


Wither : Marked, especially the males.

Back : Solid, straight, wide.                                                                                                                                                    
Kidneys : Wide, powerful, well muscled.                                                                                                                                    
Behind/bottom : Wide, rather long, slightly curved, slowly melting into the attachment of the tail, never overbuilt                                                                                                                                                                                        

Chest : wide, well descended, reaching at least the level of the elbows, not too much the shape of a barrel, more oval.                                                                     

Lower line : only slightly raised.  


Tail : very hairy; falls straight in station and is only slightly curved when the dog is moving;    if possible not higher than the back level.                                                         

Members : Very strong, especially the males.                                                                     

Anterior members : in general : straight, parallel and not too close to one another.              

Shoulders/arms : long, oblique, no angle too obtuse, well muscled.                                      

Elbows : well against the body.                                                                                         

Metacarpus : strong, solid, seen in front straight, seen in profile almost vertical.                  

Anterior feet : not turned to the inside nor to the outside, rounded, with well tightened and   bended toes; black cussions.                                             

Posterior members : in general : seen from behind not too tightened, parallel. Hock and feet  which are turned nor inside nor outside; the dewclaw has to be ablated 


Pelvis : oblique.                                                                                                               

Thighs : Rather long, in oblique position, with strong muscles. The thigh and the leg form a      well defined angle.                                                                                 

Hocks : strong, marked angle between the leg and the middle foot.                                    

Posterior feet : straight forward, long without exaggeration ; curved toes, black cussions.   

Position : spread steps, always regular movements; the anterior members are well kept forward by the strong pushing of the posteriors; when walking and running, seen  from the front and the back, the members move in a straight line.           


Hair : Medium soft to raw texture, of good length, well tight without making a stripe;  despite a well developed under-fur, the shape of the body remains well recognizable;        

the hair is straight, sometimes with a little ondulation; especially the males, the hair      forms a nice mane on the neck and the upper chest, furnished fringes on the anteriors

 and a lot of hair on the posteriors.                                                                   

Color : Lion yellow (light fawn), fawn red, dark fawn (redbrown),also sandy (light yellow,  creme colored) and all shades between these colors, with a black mask; a black point at the hairs is allowed, but the black may not be dominant. The lighter shade of the  hair at the bottom of the tail, at the anterior fringes, at the mane and at the bottom of the posteriors must not be marked as to disturb the harmony of the entirety of the color of the hair.                                                                                   

A little white spot in the shape of a small stripe on the chest is allowed, as well as white hair between the toes. 



Height of the wither for the males : 72-80 cm, medium height 76 cm

for the females : 65-75 cm, medium height 70 cm.


Each default in relation to the preceeding is to be considered as a default that will be punished in function of the seriousness and of the essential importance (behavior, type, harmony, movement).

Defaults which lead to elimination

Important anatomic defaults (pronounced cow hocks, severely bended back (from karp) or severely turned outside, absolutely insufficient angles of the shoulder, of the elbows, of the hock.Chesnut truffle.
Insufficient pigmentation of the lips.
Absence of teeth (except for the M3), upper or lower prognatism, other defaults of the articulates.
Color of the eyes other than brown in all its shades.
Entropy, ectropy.
Curled tail or too highly worn and curled.
Brown cussions.
Curly hair.
False colors : brown with truffle and brown cussions, black and red, black, silvery sand (very light sand with a grey-silver shade), fawn color. Total absence of the black mask.
Excess of white (the white of the toes coming up to the karp or the tarsus, with marks on the chest larger than the surface of a hand, white mixed spots on other places).
Dogs which are timid or aggressive.

N.B. : The males have to have two testicles with a normal aspect and completely descended in the scrotum.