Afterwards, a mountain dog from the Pyrenees enriched this crossing. 

The result was very large dogs with white hair, most of them with long hair. 

The purpose of Essig was to create a dog with the looks of a lion because 

the lion was the heraldic symbol of the town of Leonberg.

The first dogs which were worthy of carrying the name of “Leonbergers” were born in 1846. 

They accumulated the best qualities of the races from which they descended. 

Some time later, seen their symbolic character, a great number of these dogs were exported 

from Leonberg and spread all over the world.

At the end of the 19th century, in Baden-Würtemberg the Leonberger was especially used as farm dog;

 his qualities as guardian dog and as pulling dog were very much appreciated.

During the two world wars and seen the shortness of the years after the wars, 

the number of dogs decreased dramatically.

Today, the “Leonberger” is a perfect family dog who meets all the demands of the modern life.