Our Philosophy


My concern, my will, my objective : the search for the perfect Leo.

Good matches, a balanced character, try to avoid mistakes and defaults.

I also wanted to stay a family breeding, my Leos live in freedom, without kennel nor barrs 

with only one to two litters per year and with different females.

My place is not really big, but everyone has his place and our house is surrounded 

by beautiful nature where we have our daily walks.

I want to talk to you about my passion for the Leo with all notions of subjectivity 

and irrationality which follow from it.


I would like to warn you : the Leonberger is a dog who is worth it, who asks for education 

and continuous care and attention, who needs your presence.

When one acquires a Leo, itís not a dog who comes into your house, 

it is a real person who joins the family and becomes the center of it.

So if you :
- Have a large garden
- Are not afraid of hair
- Are willing to brush him every week
- Foresaw a budget to feed him and take care of him
- Have some time for his education
- Have room for him in the car
- Are ready to (re)discover the pleasure of walking

Than, one day, without any doubt, there will be a puppy who will make you and your family happy...